Salvador Dali – Adolescence

This painting, Adolescence, by Salvador Dali features the young Dalí with his beloved nurse, Lucia. Her head and back are also the nose and mouth that, combined with the eyes in the hills, complete the paranoiac-critical face. The face might be Gala, with whom Dalí was becoming more and more infatuated at that time. Dalí loved his nurse very much so there is a symbolic reason to use her figure as the completing elements of Gala’s face.

This painting was stolen at gunpoint from Scheringa Museum for Realism in Spanbroek, Netherlands in 2009 and is still missing.

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One thought on “Salvador Dali – Adolescence

  1. From the first moment I saw this picture, I can’t stop looking at it. It is awesome! I am still trying to ‘decide’ what I ‘think’ about it; at the moment I can only ‘feel’ about it. I love this damn picture.

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