Review – Trainspotting


Danny Boyle


A Guide to the life of Mark Renton: a young, charismatic junkie living in the squalors of Edinburgh with his selection of friends: Sick boy, a smooth talking Sean Connery expert who would sell his mother for money, Spud, a sweet-natured addict, Tommy, a clean living ‘normal’ and Begbie, a total psychopath.

I watched Trainspotting for the first time in over five years last night. This morning I watched it again. Alongside La Haine, Pulp Fiction and few others it is one of the defining films of the nineties. Its energy, veracity, humour, drama and language is all at once shocking, intimidating, eloquent and hilarious. Ewan McGregor will never be as good as he is in Trainspotting, like Jackson and Tarantino, Wilder and Lemmon, Fellini and Mastroianni, no one has written better for McGregor than John Hodge. Danny Boyle takes so many risks with this film, from the avant garde trip down the toilet to the truly frightening ’cold turkey’ hallucinations, but all his tricks pay off to create something we hadn’t seen before nor since. This film has everything: drugs, fights, love, death, faeces, fornication, crime, Lou Reed…what more could you ask for?


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