Review – Tokyo Raiders

Tokyo Raiders

Jingle Ma


A Woman is jilted on her wedding day. At her house, the interior decorator demands his fee from her fiancé. She travels to Japan and he joins her to get his money back. When they arrive they realise her fiancé is missing and caught up in a Japanese gangster’s business. It’s up to them, a secret detective and his bevvy of assistants to crack the case and locate him.

I was excited about this film for many reasons. Well, three:
1) I love Tokyo. 2) I love Tony Leung. 3) I love Hong Kong action films. What can go wrong?

Where to start? For the first 30 minutes I went along with it. It was silly but quite fun. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves so I tried to as well. As it progressed, it got more and more silly and less and less fun. This film has more twists than any film I’ve ever seen. It’s the twistiest film ever. A snake would be impressed with the twists. It’s so twisty, Chubby Checker should have written the soundtrack. The problem is that after the third or fourth twist, you end up not knowing what to think, not believing what you’re seeing or just not caring altogether. There are shots in this film that are laughable. In one car scene, they use an aerial shot from a helicopter to follow the action, it is done so amateurishly I think the cameraman was afraid of heights. It’s not the worst film of all time. If you like to be confused, or are under five years old, I recommend it highly. Otherwise, just rent Rumble in The Bronx instead.


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