Review – Seoul Raiders

Seoul Raiders

Jingle Ma


Currency plates are stolen to make fake American dollars and find their way to South Korea. Agent Lam (Tony Leung) is on the case and before long, has located his bevy of beautiful Korean assistants and, along with a Chinese thief he had a run in with in Hong Kong (Shu Qi), sets out trying to find the plates along with the man who drugged Lam and stole them (Richie Ren).

The long awaited sequel to the crushingly disappointing Tokyo Raiders is relocated to Seoul and achieves what its predecessor couldn’t; it’s entertaining.

All it is really is just more of the same but the story is better, the characters are more interesting and it is made much more competently. The actors are not martial artists but they do well with the fight scenes and the story just about makes sense this time. We have a few twists and turns along the way but at least these ones are mildly interesting. Maybe it’s a cultural thing but there were some parts of the film that I thought were hilarious that I am sure were not meant to be. In one scene, a man gets away from a gang fight with a motorbike, but he is driving so slow that it reminded me of the steamroller scene in Austin Powers. The same thing happens at the end, but not with a motorbike, with an aeroplane! I could well be praising this film too much after seeing Tokyo Raiders so my advice is to see both, you will then agree.


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