Review – Ringu (1998)

Ring (リング Ringu)

Hideo Nakata

1998, Japan

A single mother working as a journalist starts investigating a series of recent peculiar deaths, once of which being her niece. Through her investigation she hears the story of a mysterious video tape that, once watched, the viewer has one week until their death. As she gets more involved in the mystery she discovers the tape.

The current state of horror movies tend to focus on shock tactics, sudden surprises coupled with unexpected screams and the volume cranked up to eleven. What The Ring can show is that it’s not the surprise that scares people the most; it’s the atmosphere, the music, the silence. I cannot truly say that the film had me scared, I was more impressed with the techniques employed than anxious about the action. However, there is a pure sense of discomfort which gives many people a psychological fear of this film. My girlfriend, after seeing the taped footage in the film, refused to watch anymore. There are countless stories of fainting, hysteria and sleepless nights that come with the film. For me: not scary but an impressive picture nonetheless.


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