Review – The Hangover 2

The Hangover 2

Todd Phillips

2011, USA

The gang from the original Hangover travel to Thailand for Doug’s wedding to his considerably better looking (and highly miscast) fiance. Doug wants only a bachelor brunch, but his friends disagree, so they settle for one beer on the beach. They drink it, go to bed, Doug gets married and the film finishes.

I lie, of course. What happens is a swim through the depravity of Bangkok, trying to fit the pieces of their degenerate previous night whilst trying to locate Doug’s soon to be (with any luck) brother-in-law. They’ve found his finger, now for the rest of him.

I really enjoyed the first Hangover film. It’s was smart, well acted and seemed to know when to make fun of itself. While the second is not as funny as the original it did keep me chuckling throughout. What the film does is play a serious game of one-upmanship with its predecessor. It seems like the producers got together and thought about how they could go one further. The first Hangover was in Las Vegas, so H2 heads to Bangkok. H1 has a baby, so H2 has a monkey. H1 Phil loses his tooth, H2 he gets a facial tattoo. H1 Doug gets sunburn, H2 Teddy loses a finger. H1 Doug marries a prostitute, H2 he….well, watch the film.

It’s a lot darker. Instead of baseball bats we’ve got uzis. Bangkok is shown as being like hell with transgenders. There is a scene involving ladyboys which is really quite strange. I’m not sure whether the director wanted it to be shocking or funny. It comes off as slightly awkward. Because it is clearly in a darker tone to the original I felt it loses some of the heart. As I said I laughed fewer times. I still laughed though.


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