So long Mr. Briers

Penelope-Wilton-fl_2428351cLarkalong was saddened to hear the news of Richard Briers’ death. He was respected and loved by many. His resume is as grand and vast as any actors and many will remember him for his various roles: From Tom in ‘The Good Life’ to his work with Kenneth Brannagh in ‘Frankenstein’ and his Shakespearean work but here at Larkalong, when we think of Richard Briers we will always come back to (in our opinion) his finest hour, that of Mr. Martin Bryce on the classic sitcom ‘Ever Decreasing Circles’. His performance in that show was nothing short of majestic and for people of a certain ilk, it will continue to be watched and re-watched for as long as people have their favourite (and second favourite) jam.