Mongolian Tour Day 6

Toury time.  We fumbled and rumbled around our things, remembering things to forget and forgetting things to remember. Had a quick breakfast in the hostel: tea and bread and the like, we then asked the hostel to pick up our bus tickets to the Mongolia/Russia border, as we won’t get time.

“We will go to the bus station for you and get your tickets then bring them back. Though we will charge a fee because it’s far.”

“How much?”

“3000 tugrik (80 pence)”.


DSC00879With that sorted we ventured to our van, met the driver and shortly later met our guide. Her name was Soko. She gave us details of the day ahead then we were off.

We started at Zaisan Memorial, a Russian/Mongolian monument nestle high on a hill. The momument commemorates the years of friendship and corporation between the two nations. Russia has had a very big part in Mongolian history and still continues to fund a large part of its economy. The monument wasn’t much to my taste but the real reason to go is to see the complete view of Ullaanbaatar to the north and the Bogd Khan Mountain Range to the south. It’s a good spot for a capital, and they should know. Apparently the capital has changed location no less than 29 times.

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Review – A Fistful of Dynamite

A Fistful of Dynamite (Duck, You Sucker!)

Sergio Leone


A wanted Irish Republican and an odd Mexican bandit get themselves, the former willingly and the latter reluctantly, conscripted into the Mexican revolution.

Leone’s last western seems to be somewhat forgotten compared to his four predecessors, which is a shame because it’s better than A Fistful of Dollars and A Few Dollars More. Leone’s style is unmistakable (every other shot seems to be in extreme close up) and Rod Steiger’s performance is outstanding as the bandit with his band of children in tow. The body count in the film is staggering, as are the explosions. James Coburn is as cool as a cat as the revolution magnet John, even if his Irish accent comes and goes seemingly as it pleases. One to watch out for on late night Channel Four